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Estheticians and spa professionals including students of esthetics.

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 We are a small group of people offering unique business.
 Information and support for the professional esthetician.
 Esthetician Association;
 A specialist who provides preventative care for skin and offers treatments to keep skin healthy and attractive.
 Organized body of people having a common interest.

 Owner Bio ~ Anonymous Esthetician


 36 year old female living in an over populated spa region. I choose to stay    anonymous as my success is not due to anything but blessings from the lord a loving caring heart and a drive to be useful and helpful in this industry.

   I first started out in a small room in the basement of a salon with many limitations and high rent. When I started out I never could have fathomed what was about to happen. I had planned on being lucky to be able to do two facials a week. I began on a small budget and no retail products and a meager back bar of skin care. I sat down and made a small unique spa facial menu and special invitations for potential customers cost after paper and printing {$40.00} for a hundred. Within two weeks of work I had become an over night success I was booked three months in advance. I was doing up to twenty four facials a week a multitude of waxing and a huge number of messages left unattended due to lack of time. Within two months I had four wonderful job opportunities from some of my local competitors.

   I have participated in some of the other esthetician forums and noticed so many struggling estheticians struggling for new ideas and for more business and to my surprise some looking for jobs.

     One thing I didn't notice was any ideas to help change all these circumstances. I started out in this business for my love and passion of skin care and just to be useful, functioning human with a purpose.

 I am handicapped fourteen years with debilitating disease, so this has been a huge life change for me. I love wakening up with a purpose.

   Now after eight short months I have over a hundred and eight rebooking customers and many more everyday. I am truly blessed. It was god’s grace that showed me the road to success and I want to share all these ideas and success with you. This association was built for those who have hope and courage and are in search of long lasting marketing ideas and state of mind. Esthetician Association is a group of people who share the same passion a place where sarcasm, negativity and demeaning attitudes WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Esthetician Association is a place of harmoniums gathering a place to make life long friends a place to help your talents and business flourish. I hope and pray this association will bless and change each one of your lives!

 Warm Regards,

 God Bless,

 The Anonymous Esthetician
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